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Frequently Asked Questions

Cum join us at the hottest night of dancing and debauchery in LA!


Ticket price includes open bar (yes, really!) and free clothes check


Dance to the sexiest beats in the main room and explore the play spaces throughout,

including theme rooms and slings.


Gear is encouraged so break out your leather and assless chaps, a singlet, grab those oh so short rugby shorts, slip on your perfectly worn jock or briefs, or just come with a smile.  Free clothes check(I recommended bringing your own unique bag to stash your stuff).


Smell-patrol in full effect, no heavy cologne or deodorant, we're all men here. 


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1: How do I get tickets?

Follow the link to Eventbrite for online sales: cc, paypal, etc are accepted. 


2: Is Sex Allowed?

Uh, yeah, lots of it. This is a private, men only space to explore, dance, and play. 


3: What about safer sex?

Yes, safer sex is encouraged, however you define that.  I have partnered with LA Condom Commission: Free Lube and Condoms will be provided!


4: What should I wear?

Gear, leather, short-shorts, underwear, jockstrap, singlet, harness, just a smile, be creative, think outside the box. 


5: What should I not wear?

Just boring street clothes: again: if you can wear it at the Abbey, take it off here.  And No Cologne or Heavy Deodorant.  


6: Clothes check?

Yes, free clothes check. I recommend you BRING your own bag, just to keep it easy and clear.  I will have bags for you just in case.  Bring your favorite lube or condoms and stick it in your socks, works every time. Do NOT bring valuables, leave your Rolex at Liberace Pinky ring at home.  


7: I've never been to something like this, what do I do?

You come out and enjoy.  You can watch, you can participate, you can dance, you can drink, you can chat and chill with your new best friend.  There are no expectations, no limitations. Be Yourself and enjoy! 


8: Who is coming?

I have a super diverse group of guys coming. Everyone from slender and built, to beary and beautiful. I'm an equal opportunity lover and like to see that promoted in my crowd.  All races, all types, top/bttm/vers, hairy, smooth, muscle to lean to curvy, you're all on the list.  Just be sexy and cool engaging with others. 


9: DJ?

Yes, DJ Euro-Steve is fuckin' awesome. You loved him for DenLA: Just Sex, and he'll be bringing the amazing beats so you can enjoy your time on the dance floor and have a great soundtrack to hang and play.


10: What's the layout like?

The space has an entrance and anti-chamber with restrooms and changing area.  Big door into the main dance floor with bar, dancing and gogo men.  There are large play spaces.  Respect the space and enjoy.  


The Details: 

~21+ with ID at the door.  We match your email to your ID so bring it!

~by LAX with a parking lot or street parking in the area. Uber/Lyft encouraged. Large lot that fills up fast. 

~Don't leave valuables visible in your car.

~No cameras, phones, or drugs.

~Not responsible for lost/stolen items. Do not check valuables.


~Sex Positive Space: Bring your kink and your good attitude and let's get it on! Dungeon Etiquette applies: Respect your Brothers, the Club and the Crew.




Contact Damon at

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